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Bodegas Celaya


Albacete - Spanien

La Roda, a village between Madrid and Alicante, has historically been a rural agricultural land. Written documentation of controlled planted vineyards can be traced back to the twelfth century; however, it is known that the Romans first cultivated grapes many centuries before. La Roda also forms part of the “Quijote” route described in the most famous book by Miguel Cervantes.

Vineyards throughout La Roda region are selected for their individual characteristics or age, therefore allow the winery to produce a range of wines that satisfy most people’s tastes or budgets. The health and growth of the vines are controlled and well cared for at each stage of pruning, vegetative, growth, ripeness, and harvest.

Production: This process starts when harvesting the grapes. Celaya Winery meticulously selects the best grapes before transporting them to the winery in which the fermentation takes place. Both the fermentation and the following processes use a mix of tradition, know-how, and modern technology that ensures the best possible finished product.

Storage and Ageing: Celaya's modern warehouse is designed with the aim to create the best possible environment for the conservation of our wine. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, and light are artificially controlled in order to obtain an ideal stable environment. For the winemaking process, they use stainless steel tanks and French and American oak barrels.

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