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Roncolato Winery


Amarone della Valpolicella, Venetien, Italien

Villa Mattielli was born in 2009 on the beautiful hills of Soave, (eastern part of Verona) where Roncolatos vineyards have deep roots. This ambitious project comes true thanks to Roberta who, supported by her husband Giacomo, with great dedication and a courageous vision of the future decides to pave the way for a new brand, carrying on the four generations wine tradition of the family.

The vineyards of the family, dated back to the early ‘900, are located on the hills of Verona, in Soave Classico area and Valpolicella Doc. Thanks to the unique terroir with a mild climate and a good sun exposure, the quality of the grapes gives great wines.

The characteristics of the different crus are enhanced through the respectful growing of the vineyards and the attention dedicated to the vinification process: their job is made of passion, which is what it takes to get unique wines.

Thanks to the devotion to their traditions and the affection to their own land, combined with a big passion and professionalism, they are now both on the local and international market. Villa Mattielli is constantly evolving, as they want to leave a mark of dynamism, innovation and femininity on the wine world, through the dedication of a young team, always aiming for the best quality.

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